Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Making Money Online: Find your Niche

The most important thing to know about making money blogging is finding your niche. What are niches? Niches are really just categories that blogs fall into. If you wanted a blog about buying football tops, I would put you into the shopping niche. This site would fall into the making money niche. Its extremely important to find not only a niche, but a profitable niche. If you have the best blog out there for making green crisps, but no one is looking for green crisps, that doesn't leave you anyone to make money off.

Second, you need to have good and unique content. That is probably the toughest part of blogging... having something to talk about. There are unique ways around this if you really cant think of anything to write about. While I don't really condone this method, it has been proven VERY popular and lucrative among web entrepreneurs. The use a program called HyperVRE. HyperVRE was released around 2 years ago to a wave of viral buzz. Basically HyperVRE allows you to build multiple webpages and entire websites within a matter of minutes. Then using your Adsense ID (A topic I will cover shortly), you make money each time someone clicks on any ads within your site. The power of HyperVRE is that it allows making sites extremely fast, so you can cover a broad range of niches fast. The only reason I am not a big fan of it is that you are in a sense taking other people's information and republishing it. Google and the other search engines can give your site a big penalty if caught, but for the most part, it is relatively safe. I could do a whole new post about the benifits and drawbacks of HyperVRE, but visiting their site will better explain what HyperVRE is about.

Some of the more popular Niches that I have found are:
  1. Video Games
  2. Womens / Girls Fashion
  3. Makeup
  4. Making money
  5. Real estate
  6. The Adult Industry
So go out and find something that you would like to write about, see what niche it falls into, and stay tuned and I will show you what to do with that niche you just found.

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